Blogger Trick: How to select and use the Blogger Templates

[Blogger+Trick+-+How+to+select+and+use+the+Blogger+Templates.png]After reading the last post about "How To Setting a Blog", now is a good time to select a template to use for your Blog. But before we start selecting the template, as we must know its "What is the template ?" Template is a form of display and navigation of a website or weblog is seen by visitors when visiting your website or weblog. It is important to make our blog look more interesting and fun so that visitors like to read posts that are in your Blog.

Many templates are made by third parties other than Blogger. There are paid, but many are also free. In the Next Post, I will explain how to choose and use a template from a third party. To this time, I will tell You how to choose and use a template made in Blogger.

Let's start with follow this steps:

  1. Please Login to your Blogger first using your Blogger Account
  2. Click "Layout"
  3. Then click "Pick New Template". (Select a new template for your blog. Changing Your template will Discard any changes you made in "Fonts & Colors". Your Page Elements will be retained. But before you make your selection, first preview of the all template with click "preview template" under the picture template s.)
  4. Click "Save Template"

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