3 Blogger Widgets on this christmas for your blog

Bring a Christmas feeling to your readers when they get visit your blog on this Christmas days.Popup Christmas message and other stuffs may bring them boring while they reads your blog seriously.So Playing Jingle-bells music on background, Xmas bells and Snow falls would be enough to feel this X'mas joy.
Click on the button to a Demo blog.
  • Snow Fall effect on Blog. 
  • Xmas Bells on top Corners of blog
  • Jingle bell music on background of blog.
#1 Snow Fall Effect on Blog
Click on the button to add this snow fall Gadget to your Blog.
#2 Background Music Gadget on Blog
Click on the Button below to add Background music[Jingle Bells] Gadget on your blog.

#3 Xmas Bells on Top corner of blog
Click on the button below to add Xmas bells on top corner of blog for this Xmas,which will suites to your background image of your blog.

Thanks,You can remove this Gadget by going to Layout Section where you add gadgets and edit favicon.Click on Edit Button under the Gadget and Click on Remove button.
Save the Arrangement.

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