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What is the benefit of exchanging links? and how? The question that perhaps we often hear or read from the bloggers, especially bloggers who are beginners who just made a blog. Exchanging links or link exchange is very useful as fostering friendships among blogs, socialization is very important and can increase traffic and page rank blogs your blogs linked  many people, the page rank you will quickly, it is necessary to note the contents of your blog and SEO. So how to exchange links? Is to put a link blog or website other people who you want and people will also put a link on your blog or website link . example http://plugins-blogger.blogspot.com/.Link this blog is you can install on left / right blog sidebar or below blog.to this blog, my blog link pairs in addition to the blog right surtitle Blog .Ada some way to put a link blog.Cara-way is as follows:
For users new blogger How to: 1 1. you log on Blogger. 2.clik Layout in Dashboard. 3.clik Add a gadget, select the Link List, will appear Configure Link List 4. title on the Title List, for instance Blog Friends 5.for box Number of Links To Show in List, enter the number of links that want  left blank. 6. Sorting box, let contain Do not Sort. 7. New Site URL box, enter the address of the link blogs. 8. New Site Name box, enter the name of the link blogs entered at step 7. 9. Add Link and Save. If you want to add other blogs link, just click Edit on the Gadget you are already follow steps 6 through 9.
How to: 2 (Use auto scroll) 1.you log on Blogger 2. Layout in Dashboard. 3. Add a gadget, then HTML / Javascript. 4.input code below. 

    onmouseover='this.stop()' onmouseout='this.start()' width="25%">
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