Blogger Trick: How to Setting My Profile

The function of a Blog are not only to share information such as news, life story, tutorial, and others. But, the blog can also like be social network that can add a friend here calledFollowers. How to add the Followers widget, I will explain to you in the Next Post. In this moment, I just tell You How to setting "My Profile". Do the same with when setting profile inFriendster or Facebook. The difference, Blogger is simple. In fact this trick is no need to explain in more to you, because you may simply have to understand. But I think, that there may still not understand. You may not have one I will post this article. So, for those of you who already understand, you don't need to read this.

Please Follow These Steps:

1. Login with your Blogger Account

2. Click Dashboard on top of page

3. Then click Edit Profile on the left page


Share my profile (check in the box if your profile is not private)

Show my real name (If checked, your first and last name will appear on your profile)

Show my email address (Check the box If You wanna show your email)

Show my blogs(Select Your blog that you wanna show. This list of blogs will only be displayed on your user profile - if You have more than one Blog in one Blogger Account)

Show sites I follow (If checked, sites you've followed in either Blogger or Google Friend Connect will appear in your profile)


Username (Cannot change this)

Email Address (This is email to show on Your user Profile. Changing this does not change the e-mail address you use to sign-in)

Display Name (The name used to sign your blog posts)

First Name (Your First Name)

Last Name (Your Last Name)


Photo URL (Upload photo from the web/ from your computer)

Remove image (For remove Your Image)

Audio Clip:

Audio Clip URL (You can use this for insert Audio Clip to your user profile)


Gender: (Select your gender)

Birthday (Ex: 9/17/1976 - The year may be left blank - Show astrological signs with check the box)

Homepage URL (Choose Your URL for Homepage)

Wishlist URL (Wishlist - left blank if You dont wanna show this)

IM Username: (Tell to anyone what Your Instant Messenger Username - and Choose the type: Yahoo, AOL, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, QQ or None If you have not IM)


City/Town (Your Main City/Town)

Region/State (Your Main Region/State)

Country (Your Main Country)


Industry (Choose Yours)

Occupation (Your work Company)

Extended Info:

Interests (Your Interests)

About Me (Write as little or as much as you'd like)

Favorite Movies (Your Favorite Movies)

Favorite Music (Your Favorite Music)

Favorite Books (Your Favorite Books)

Random Question: (Your Random Question, You must save your profile to get a new question)


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